It’s time to design and publish your first game, to realize your creative dream, and live an awesome life doing awesome stuff!


Learn the the science of Game Design with Magic:The Gathering World Champion, CEO, and Master Game Designer, Justin Gary. With over 15 years of design experience, Justin has created many award winning games such as Ascension and Shards of Infinity. In this game design workshop, you’ll learn how to create games, finish dream projects, and unleash your creative potential. You’ll develop tools for understanding Justin’s renown Core Design Loop method, as well as Justin’s tried and tested approach to creating, prototyping, playtesting, and community building.


What you’ll learn over this ridiculously fun weekend:

  • Participate in fully interactive step-by-step exercises that work to make your design, business, and creative dreams a reality. 

  • Learn how to define success so you can reach your most meaningful creative goals, by adopting Justin’s 5-step method for realizing your creative potential.

  • Find out what truly motivates you and how to pump-up your “core motivator” to keep you pushing forward toward creative success.

  • Join in on lessons that can be used for more than just game design, if writing a book, starting a business, or some other creative endeavor is on your mind, this workshop can help you!

  • Use Justin’s “Inspiration Engine” for game design to decide between projects and recognize whether it’s a project worth pursuing.

  • Overcome the mental hurdles that stop most creative projects in their tracks.

  • Answer the “Three motivational questions” that Justin’s used to creating the life of my dreams as an award-winning game designer.

  • Learn Justin’s two principles of prototyping that will help you make the most out of your designs. 

  • Discover your project’s “Core inspiration” which is the emotional state it evokes in your audience and keeps them excited to keep playing.

  • Learn how to make the most of a playtest by paying attention to player emotions and reactions so that you can iterate more effectively. 

  • Take on the “Always be exploring” mentality that nearly all great game designers at the top of the industry have embraced… Whether they know it or not!

  • Learn the “Game in a Box” technique to help you design games and game mechanics on the spot!

  • Find out Justin’s two most important tips that he’s learned over 15 years in the gaming industry.

  • Learn the biggest mistake novice game designers make when it comes to creating their first game and how to avoid it.

  • Apply the three phases of the “career arrow” that will help you not just in the game design world but in the pursuit of any creative career so that you can achieve your creative dreams.