Justin Gary
Justin Gary went from world champion Magic: The Gathering pro-tour competitor to award-winning game designer and then to multi-million-dollar CEO. He has a lot to teach and you can find that wisdom clearly articulated in these pages.
— Peter Adkison, Founder of Wizards of the Coast
Justin has done a service to games by writing this book - even experienced designers will benefit from looking at design through his eyes.
— Richard Garfield, Creator of Magic: The Gathering, RoboRally, and King of Tokyo

The Step-By-Step Guide To
Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Every journey starts with a single step, and if your desired journey is to become a game designer, I can think of no better first step than reading and doing the exercises in Justin’s book. Justin has managed to capture and communicate the process for designing games starting from the blank sheet of paper all the way to thousands of fans playing your game.
— Jordan Weisman, Creator of Shadowrun and BattleTech
This book is not just for gamers. Anyone thinking about turning a skill or hobby into a successful career will benefit from Justin’s experience and insight!
— Greg Goldstein, President of IDW Publishing

The 5-step journey to reAlizing your creative potential

Have you always wanted to be creative, make games, or start a company?  Do you find yourself getting stalled and not knowing where to start?  Do you get stuck half-way through and give up?  Don't worry, you are in good company!  I wrote this book to break down the creative process in a simple step-by-step way that busts through creative blocks and gets you living out your creative dreams in no time!


1. Learn the Basics of Creativity

This is where you learn to master the magic of the human mind: Creativity. 

Everyday we think up wild new ideas and dream of manifesting them in the real world. With the right structure, it is completely possible to bring those ideas to life, whether it's a new game, company, or anything else you dream up.


2. Master The Core Design Loop

The Core Design Loop is the secret used by successful designers. 

You'll be taught, step-by-step, how to master the Core Design Loop and why it is the most important part of transforming an idea into reality. 


3. Refine Your Designs

As you iterate on your design, you will learn how to shift your focus so you don't waste time and get hung up on the wrong things. 

This is where you'll get uncomfortable as you choose what to keep, what to fix, and what to throw out. It's a big challenge with fantastic rewards.


4. Build Your Vision

Once you have a great design, what's next? 

You will learn the steps of getting your project prototyped, produced, and published to get your game in the player's hands. This is where you start to see your dream realized.


5. Make Money and Create More!

Creativity doesn't have to be a hobby.

By the end of this book, you'll learn how to carve a clear path to making money from your designs, building a lifestyle and thinking clearly and strategically, just like a game designer.

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About Justin Gary

Justin Gary is an award-winning game designer, entrepreneur, and professional speaker. He started his career in gaming at the age of seventeen when he won the Magic: The Gathering US National Championships. He went on to play Magic professionally for several years, winning a Grand Prix, Pro Tour, and World Championship along the way. Justin started designing games working on the Vs. System trading card game and went on to lead-design the DC Comics: Infinite Crisis set. Afterwards, he created The World of Warcraft Miniatures Game before starting his own company, Gary Games, in 2010, which released its hit deck-building game Ascension that year. 

Today, Justin designs games, consults, and runs multiple successful companies from his home in San Diego, California.


3 Reasons To Buy This Book

(Even if you're not a game designer.)